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WESA is the peak body for Powerchair Sport in Western Australia.
It is a non-profit organisation run by a community of volunteers dedicated to providing sporting opportunities for electric wheelchair users.

WESA coordinates local leagues of Powerchair Hockey and Powerchair Football, and is represented at National Competitions in both sporting codes by its State Team, the Western Wasps.

Our mission is to provide pathways for children and adults living with disabilities toward building meaningful connections and self-development, whilst achieving their sporting goals at local, National, and International levels.

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Western Electric Sporting Association

Incorporated in 2000 with roots dating back to 1986, WESA runs the multi-sport Power League at Rocky Bay in Mosman Park, and the Powerchair Football League at the Loftus Centre in Leederville, Western Australia.

WESA takes pride in its diversity. Our members range in nationality, age, gender and ability. WESA boasts a strong Junior Development Program – enabling children who use an electric wheelchair the ability to play sport in an inclusive setting. 

Being part of our community and participating in electric wheelchair sport is  – really –  fun. It’s also an excellent way for people living with a disability to meet new people and get a bit competitive. If you are living with a disability or know someone who might be interested, sign up to play!

WESA continues to offer a range of services to our members thanks to contributions from families, volunteers, local government, charitable organisations and businesses. To join our community of partners and sponsors sign up here today!


The last Round

7 - 7
WESA Powerchair Hockey League
Rocky Bay Mosman Park

PHL 21-22 R10 G1

7 - 4
WESA Powerchair Hockey League
Rocky Bay Mosman Park

PHL 21-22 R10 G2


POWERchair Hockey LEAGUE 2021-2022



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As a not-for profit Disabled Sports Association, WESA relies on volunteers, partners and sponsors to keep operating as Western Australia’s Peak Sporting Body for electric wheelchair users.

Without the help of the wider community, we would not be able to continue providing the opportunities that we do.

Make a one-off donation, or click below to join our network of sponsors and get sweet deals on helping WESA athletes realise their goals.

A Blast From the Past

Driving to Glory

This video from WESA Member, Jakob Rataneyke (2014) is an ode to the history of WESA, before the developing world of Powerchair Sport came to fruition. The rules were different, the competition was different, and the participants were different. But the goal was the same. Participate in sport. Drive to glory.

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